Update: Arthemia Blogger V2

January 1, 2010 Leave a Comment

Update: Arthemia Blogger V2

I have received a lots of feedback about the bug of this template particularly on HEADLINE and FEATURED section. Today I will update to solve the issues.

First, you have to re-download the updated file HERE.

After downloading the file:
  • Log-in to your Blogger Account.
  • Go to LAY-OUT, select Edit HTML, and then click “Choose File” button.
  • Browse Arthemia Blogger V2.xml from your files.
  • Select, then click “Upload” button.

The bug on the recent download will be superceded. Since you have labelled your post with Headline and Feature it will show automatically.

For the sake of new visitor who wants to download this template, just follow the instructions on my previous article regarding Arthemia except for the explanation on setting-up HEADLINE and FEATURED field, they have the same format. What I have done for the update is to directly include the HTML code on the template and it doesn't need to put it as a widget. What you need now is to label the post with Headline and Feature.

Again, thank you for dropping-by here at BLOGGER MAGAZINE TEMPLATES. Keep on visiting us or subscribe to our feeds for you to be updated on what's new here.



  • Esdoubleu said:  

    Hi there, can you help me with this template, please? I use this template on my blog http://esdoubleu3.blogspot.com/ (trial blog),
    and I have a few questions, if I may.

    1. I want to change the label 'Featured' to 'Unfinished Project'. How to do so?
    2. Can you please take a look on my post-body and post-title? What happened there? thanx alot for ur time.

  • Esdoubleu said:  

    Hi, this is me, and I'm using this template. My blog is http://esdoubleu3.blogspot.com/. But I have a bit problem that I'd like you to help...

    1. I'd like to change 'Featured' to 'Unfinished Project'. Like you can see in my blog, I've already changed the 'Featured' to 'Unfinished Project'. I've even changed label = "Unfinished Project";
    at the featured section in the Page Element, but nothing has happened..

    2. Please notice my post-body. Why is there no title, no categories etc? Help..

  • naani said:  

    Old post is better than this post..

    Becoz if we upload this template all the widgets are jumbling like a hell.

  • Eric said:  

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  • Jake Ilac said:  

    @Esdoubleu: the problem of your testing blog is "you haven't label your post articles" into HEADLINE and FEATURED. If you follow my procedure then the section will take place with their own.

    @Naani: I think you have the same problem with Esdoubleu. :)

    @Eric: thanks for your Info :)

  • Esdoubleu said:  

    Hi jake, I did like what you said, and it worked. thanx. One more thing I'd like you to help, how to create the 'after the jump' for this template? I browsed google and I found this: http://www.google.com/support/blogger/bin/answer.py?answer=154172. I tried, but nothing worked. Can you help, please? Thanx

  • Jake Ilac said:  

    Hi Esdoubleu,

    I'm glad that finally you got the right instruction.

    Using "AFTER THE JUMP" for this template is not functioning. I think the problem is the javascript.

    But, I will try to find a solution for you...just keep in touch :)

  • Anonymous said:  

    Nice layout.
    For some reason I could not get the Feature and Headline to work even though I have labeled them as Headline and Feature :(

  • sixto76 said:  

    Greetings friend, I am of Venezuela would want to know if it is possible to change the source of the title of headline

  • Dav7 said:   This comment has been removed by the author.
  • Flipping Them Pages said:  

    Thanks for this template...

    Could you help me with removing the code for minimizing the post - (Read more Here) I want the full post to show up..

    Thank you...

    erotichorizon (at)googlemeail.com

  • blubiblob said:  

    Hi there,
    The template is the greatest I have seen. I just haven't figured out yet how the Headline and the Featured Section are going to work.

    I disabled the JavaScript for now, just to have a cleaner blog. But as soon as i enable the headline.js chrome tells me that there is an error on line19 of that script:

    var entry = json.feed.entry[i];
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined

    Also I'm not sure if the URLs of the thumbs are meant to return an error?

  • Jake Ilac said:  

    @ Flipping the Pages:

    This template (theme) was made to show a summary of every article. Your concern about showing the post into conventional way was a bit lengthy to view. But if you really like that way, try to find this code on "LAY-OUT / Edit HTML"

    <b:else/><DIV expr:id='"summary" + data:post.id'><p><data:post.body/></p></DIV> <SCRIPT type='text/javascript'>createSummaryAndThumb("summary<data:post.id/>");</SCRIPT>


    Remove the entire code then save.


    this is the first time that I encouter this error, will try to find a solution for this. Thanks

  • blubiblob said:  

    Hi Jake,

    What I forgot to mention this is my blog:

    and here a pic of what happens to the layout when I enable the headline.js http://i41.tinypic.com/nvqrmw.png

  • Jake Ilac said:  


    Please re-download the template and re-upload top your blog;

    Here's the updated link:


    One thing more, please label your post according to

    Feature and Headline

    this is the reason why section is not taking according to their own place.


  • DK SANDIMAS said:  

    why is mine becomes jumbled? please help me!

  • DK SANDIMAS said:  

    why is it that mine becomes jumbled?
    here is the screenshot of my jumbled site

    thanks. I hope someone could help me

  • Ikars said:  

    Hello, I just uploaded this template and this is what I got: http://liferiga.blogspot.com/...
    What could be the problem? The structure is completely broken, not even talking about Headline and feature posts which still doesn't appear.

  • Ikars said:  

    failed template, structure completely jumbled, and headlines and featured still not working: http://liferiga.blogspot.com/

  • jfilac said:  

    Hi Ikars,

    See other instruction here: http://magazine-templates.blogspot.com/2009/11/rthemia-blogger-v2-template-is-latest.html

    and consider also this:


  • fito1038 said:  

    I’ve tried by all means to insert a social bookmarking code in the post section of new arthemia template (blogger)but it’s impossible.
    anybody know how to do it?

    this is the gadget:


  • Takecy Latuaji said:  

    my problem...
    always appear message "An error occurred. Please refresh the page and try again" every i save arrangement gadget...
    so, my gadget cannot arrage like i want.... [help me]

  • Andy Domonkos said:  

    I have the exact same problem as Takecy Lutaji does, every time I'm unable to move gadgets, or previews (The template is updated in other place. Please reload the original page and retry it again.) It's very frustrating. I cleared my cache, cookies, tried all 3 browsers, and even reloaded the template to no avail. Whats the deal?

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