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February 13, 2009 Leave a Comment

There are lots of website now that offer services on storing photos online and one of them is Flickr which owned by Yahoo. It was on 2006 that I manage to save some of my precious photos with them. But never known what should I do with this file of photos, I never intended to show it on public and keep them on my storage. Soon I discover that it can also be customized and included on my blog but the problem is, it was only available on vertical position.

It was a challenge for me convert into horizontal position. At first, it gave me headaches and almost I quit due to desperation. But if I didn't pursue to do it I can't get what I want. And it was  blessing that, when I tested it in Wordpress, it works also. So here's the codes:

For Blogger Account:

1. Go to "Lay-out/ Edit HTML"
2. Copy this code:

/* ----- FLICKR ----*/
.flickr_badge_image { float: left; }
#flickr_badge_wrapper { width: auto; border: 1px; }
#flickr_badge_uber_wrapper { width: auto; }



4. Go to "Page Elements". Add "HTML/Javascript" to anywhere you want the photos to be seen. Copy this code:

Horizontal Flickr Badge

5. Change the "user" of the javascript. You can get your username by logging to http://idgettr.com/

6.Then Save.


Horizontal Flickr Preview



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